Patricio X. Maya Solís was born in Quito, Ecuador, and moved to California at age 12. He writes in English and Spanish. His first book, Walking Around with Fante and Bukowski, is made up of 21 essays grouped into sections about art, politics, and autobiography. His second book, 80 MPH, is a collection of eighty powerful poems written in Spanish. Reggaetón Cruise is the author's third book and his first published novel. His upcoming book, Too Much Sweetie, is a lyrical novel about René, a young Ecuadoran artist trapped between a moneyed upbringing and his current down-and-out North American reality. René's tense world view all but collapses when he falls for Meaw-Meaw, an ambitious Thai masseuse who loves him for all that he wants to leave behind. Too Much Sweetie, that strangest of things -a sensual novel of ideas- is set to be published later this year under the Hollywood publisher Grady Miller Books, which has also published the writer's previous books. Maya holds an M.A. in Arts Journalism from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University and a B.A. in English from CSULA. He has been a Visiting Scholar at the CalArts' Aesthetics and Politics program and a poetry lecturer at the Los Angeles Public Library Summer Lecture Series.
Books by the author: Walking around with Fante and Bukowski (essays) 80 MPH (poetry, Spanish) Reggaetón Cruise (novel) Too Much Sweety (novel, upcoming) As editor: Mujeres con Navajas (novel, Graydon Miller) Selected Poems of Aldo Tambellini 80 MPH Bilingual Anthology Link to Maya's books on Amazon: